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Bear Care

  • You will find your bear to be a happy character that all ages will love, they demanded very little of your time, but you must remember that they are made from timber which is a living product, a small amount of care and maintenance will keep your Bear looking good.
  • Like all living things, timber can be affected by weather and climate, Dewent bay bears are not recommended to live indoors or under any type of shelter, but will be quite happy in a shady spot in your garden, unlike humans they are not sun worshippers and love to get wet in the rain.
  • A common cause for concern is when the timber splits, this is a natural process and is due to the wood drying out. This happens when the weather becomes warmer and drier and the timber looses too much moisture in a short space of time. Splits can occur around the face and body, body splits are often the most obvious because the exposed wood is white, as opposed to the outer stained colour, touching up your bear at this stage will enhance the natural beauty of the timber.
  • Never be tempted to try and fill the cracks with a wood filler product as this acts as a wedge and will drive the split deeper as the timber tries to swell naturally, even if splits appeared to be joined up, rest assured your bear will remain intact.
  • Woodstain is available from most diy stores made by Leyland Ronseal and cupronol. Any wood stain that is breathable and water repellent is recommended this will allow for natural shrinkage and swelling of the wood. Total body re-treatment is suggested every one to two years with the appropriate shade of wood stain, clear preservative is advised for the face and paws, these measures will ensure your bear remains a happy and faithful garden friend for many years to come.
  • Bear cubs

  • The bear cubs are here at last, based on bruno and Honey and made of resin. Resin is a stable material which is unaffected by heat or moisture, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. only £35 plus £5.00 delivery, they are sure to be a best seller.
  • Available from our webstore or by phone or e-mail
  • WHOLESALE ENQUIRIES WELCOME Tel 01768480600 for details